CASC Assure Information Documents
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A Clear Outline of Energy & Water Problems Faced by CASCs
This document is the perfect place to start when reviewing your CASC's Energy & Water requirements. This document is useful for downloading and discussing with your club committee. The information is both educational and informative and likely to save your club money in the long run.

CASC Energy & Water Bills - Free Contract Validation Service
CASCs are a very different form of club business set-up. Therefore, CASC energy & Water contracts should be handled by organisations that have a full understanding of their internal workings. The ramifications of not understanding CASCs can lead to hidden financial penalties, through misunderstandings that can include the supplier, the CASC & sometimes a governing body.

Wholesale (Collective) Energy Pricing for CASCs
At CASC Assure we are implementing an energy bargaining system, whereby we basket a collective group of CASC's energy supplies to leverage economies of scale and benefit from long-term purchasing power. This is an excellent tool to gain the most competitive tariffs for CASC registered clubs, as pricing structure is based on wholesale energy purchasing.

CASC Energy Management & Bill Validation
Energy Management can be defined as ‘systematic use of management techniques, processes and tools to improve the energy performance of an organisation’. This process incorporates all aspects of business energy – including energy procurement, usage and monitoring. Effective energy management helps improve efficiencies, reduces cost and improves sustainability.

CASC Water & Sewage Management & Rebates
After reviewing various water contracts across the CASC community, we have found that billing and consumption are often indifferent. This is due to suppliers assuming, without evidence, that a large proportion of the water inputted to a club returns to the sewer. It is the best interest of the supplier to assume a higher amount, therefore the term Return To Sewer (RTS) allowance was coined. This article looks at why your club may be entitled to a rebate.

Water Usage Charges & Drainage Rebates
A club's water supply bill is made up of two parts. The first part is for the amount of water used by the club and the second part is for the amount of that water that is sent back into the public drainage system. By default most clubs end up incorrectly paying for the two charge elements on the basis of equal quantities used and sent back through the public system.